photo: Jan Kędzia

My name is Aleksandra Wierzbowska and for years I've been mostly on the road, carrying out outdoor projects as well as closing culture, spaces, faces and first ascents in frames. During numerous trips, I have worked with such names as Sennheiser, National Geographic Magazine Poland, Royal Geographical Society, Petzl, Scarpa, Fjord Nansen, PAJAK, Cokin, Merrell, CAT The Reykjavik Grapevine and many more making visual and literary material. 

In autumn 2020 I was filming the new TV series "Polski Świat" for Discovery Channel Poland, broadcasted on TTV. Together with Piotr Wojciechowski, I created the Icelandic part of the season.

I have completed a number of travel and sports expeditions from winter long-distance cycling, through long-distance hikes in Iceland, Lapland and the Himalayas, to climbing countless peaks, opening new climbing areas on virgin walls & creating a climbing environment in the rural areas within Project Armenia

During my numerous, mostly solo journeys, I have often defended myself against attempts of sexual assault, witnessed extreme poverty, saw gender inequality and met thousands of refugees in the Balkans. Those experiences made my consciousness grow and created in me a desire to change, to help, to fight for people's rights. On the road, I collected information on social problems and the condition of women, religion, culture. I have also interviewed women who have become victims of rape and started working with refugees, immigrants, homeless and addicted people in Iceland. I feel it is my mission and responsibility to help them speak up and spread social awareness

Frames and words have become my way of manifesting myself and speaking to the world. By documenting, I make sure that what I close in the frame or written story remains and bears witness to itself. I deepen the interest in man, his individuality and human being in the context of nature and culture, in the context of places and time. Someone has to explain this world, build bridges, dissolve borders.

I am eager to get involved in what is extreme, visionary, creative and filled with value. Shall we cooperate?

Clients and cooperation

Cokin France
Merrell Poland
CAT Footwear Poland
Łukasz Supergan
Onward Up
Discovery Channel Poland
Milo of climbing
Organic Climbing
Climbing Anchors
Reykjavik Grapevine
University of Bristol
Hive Climbing
Fjord Nansen
Ice Rental 4x4
Fundacja Himalaizmu Polskiego im. Andrzeja Zawady
UNW Outdoors Club
Centrum Wielokulturowe w Warszawie


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