Pakistan under water____ Pakistan under water____

Pakistan under water____

This year's (2022) monsoon season in Pakistan exceeded norms by up to 700%. In addition, global warming has accelerated the melting of glaciers in the Karakorum, raising river levels.

We are witnessing the effects of climate change, with the most disadvantaged communities being the first victims.

Due to the lack of access to drinking water, in most flooded areas people are drinking water from rivers. The same ones in which the decomposing bodies of their loved ones and animals are floating. Malaria, dengue fever, poisoning, infections, malnutrition, mental problems, widespread hopelessness and lack of prospects - this is the daily reality of these people. People without a voice, dependent on fate and humanitarian aid, which often does not arrive or is insufficient.

Working on a documentary sometimes feels like being in a dream. As if it were a set we are about to dismantle. The image of this reality for an outsider is so abstract that it is hard to believe. And yet this is the life of millions of people, which will probably never improve much.