Asma Asma


Asma married her cousin at the age of 17. They have three children. Her last birth took place in a tent, in a camp for flood victims, and lasted 12 hours. She completed one grade of primary school and gave up on education "just like the rest of the children". She never learned to write. Today she regrets it, but due to her life and family situation she cannot go back to school.

Her definition of happiness is home, family and a small herd of livestock. After the floods, all she has is family. The house and animals were taken away by the water.

I asked her what she likes about herself.

- My life has been hard enough from the beginning that I never thought about it. We were focused on surviving. Now I think about the children.

Notes from Pakistan, 2022
Photographed by Szymon Makuch | Untold Stories